What's NEW: Seagrass Pom-Pom Baskets

     If you've been following my posts lately, you already know I'm super excited about these new arrivals from Xinh & Co.!  Xinh & Co. is a small family business specializing in curated handmade fair-trade goods from rural underdeveloped regions of the world. These seagrass baskets are made with 100% natural + sustainable materials and using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. " Our hope is to create a bigger market for these products, bring them to the best possible light, and possibly preserve the beautiful tradition of hand weaving that has been lost in many cultures." - Xinh + Co.. We have a wide variety of sizes + colors available $22-65 each. The small sizes can be carried as totes or purses while the larger sizes are perfect for home decor, storage, or holding plants!  Take a look + shop all the styles below!



Gold Seagrass Basket
from 36.00

100% natural seagrass baskets, hand woven by people of a small village in Vietnam. They are flexible, foldable, yet incredibly sturdy for variety of uses. Pom poms are handmade and securely attached by Xinh & Co. team.

Available in multiple sizes:

  • Small: 12'Height-12'Diameter
  • Medium: 14'Height-14'Diameter
  • Large: 14'Height-17'Diameter
  • Xlarge: 14'Height-20'Diameter

Note: Due to handmade nature, dimension and colors of each baskets are slightly different. No two are exactly alike. 

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