Our Fixer Upper: Retail Lighting Picks

     I am TRYING to narrow down my lighting options for our retail space at the Amsden, but.....I just keep adding MORE options instead!  I need y'all's help to seriously get this narrowed down and make my decisions!  I've collected my favorite picks and divided them into three different categories below.  Let me know which style of light you like best and if any particular fixtures stand out to you as a definite favorite!  Just for reference I'm looking for one chandelier/pendant to drop above the fireplace (see photo below) and then 1-2 chandeliers/pendants (or maybe even a cluster of small pendants, depending on size) for over the checkout/counter area.  You can click on any of the photos below to see more details/pricing information too in case you are interested in any!  After I decide on these, I will also be adding some coordinating wall sconces for the exposed brick wall in the retail space too.  Comment below with your choices and any questions you might have!



     This is the safest category in my opinon.  This style is super popular now and I also think it would fit in really well with the wood lath ceiling and reclaimed wood floors we are doing in the retail space.  My only hesitation is that I get to work with the neutral/farmhouse style constantly and I don't want to choose something boring!  I do like that this style can transition easily for many different styles of decor though- very easy to mix in boho or more modern pieces with any of these choices!  I would choose one of the statement chandeliers for above the fireplace, then cluster 2-4 of the wicker pendants over the counter.

A good compromise between the last category and a bit more modern/unique style.  I really love the super drapey/intricate ones from Pottery Barn (top left; bottom right).  Just not sure if these are too beachy-looking or if I could make them work by mixing the right finishes in with them.  

These are some of my favorites just because I rarely get to choose these fun, over-the-top light fixtures and I feel like this is my chance!   The top two are definitely my favorites and I even like how they would look together (one over fireplace and one over counter).  I also like the idea of 3-4 of the bottom right one lined up over the counter too!

Lastly, since the area surrounding the fireplace will be our floral/plant bar section, I loved the idea of having the fireplace light be floral-themed.  Below are a few floral/plant themed lights that I loved and thought would coordinate well with any of the options above for over the counter.  Do you like this idea, or like the above options better for over the fireplace?