Weekly Favorites

These are a few of my favorite things that I can't get enough of this week:

I blame Emily Henderson entirely for my latest patterned tile obsession!  It all started with her gorgeous patio makeover and then I started finding more + more of her amazing designs featuring these pretty tiles!  I just love the subtle pattern and chic but whimsical feel that these add to any space. I'm now dead set on having some tile like this in our coffee shop (like in my third inspiration photo!).  Did you know that you can find tons of printed tile options like these at Home Depot?  I've linked all my favorites for you to check out below (just click on each photo for pricing/details!).

This beauty pretty much checks all the boxes for me: black + white print, midi length, + tassel detail!  I love the mix of prints and how they all look super vintagey.  This item was just added today with their latest new arrivals and is definitely going on my wishlist- shop it here.

I was already completely obsessed with Claire Brody's designs, but her new home renovation is just taking that to another level.  She recently moved in to a midcentury ranch and has been transforming the space top to bottom with the most amazing finds + super unique arrangements.  I am obsessed with this floor to ceiling gallery wall in her entryway- the overall placement and layering of vintage + new pieces is just perfect!

Speaking of that entryway, the star of the show for me is that giant black and white floral canvas!  I'm a hoarder of floral prints and that one may just need to be added to my collection.  This piece is from Lindsay Letters shop and comes in a variety of size/framing options.  There's even another colorful floral print of the same style (see below) and I can't decide which I love more!  I would love to design an entire room around one of these two pieces.

That's it for my favorites this week!