Frills + Florals

Floral wrap skirt: Vintage-thrifted (similar here)   |    Tie-front crop top: Forever 21 (old-similar here)   |    Red wedges: Street Scene Vintage (similar here)  |    Red woven purse: Vintage- thrifted

    I'm so behind this year, but I finally got all my summer clothes out of storage and into my closet this weekend.  While sorting through everything and deciding what to keep and donate, I realized how many more vintage pieces I have in my summer wardrobe than winter, and that I will probably keep most of them forever.  This skirt is just one example (and I may or may not have 10 of the exact same cut in different prints!).  I purchased it at a garage sale for 50 cents and it could not fit more perfectly!  That's the beauty of classic vintage pieces- trends may come and go every year but I will never get tired of a beautiful floral midi skirt or a little 70's halter top!  I also love that every vintage piece I have holds so many memories, and I can always remember exactly where I purchased it or where I have worn it to.  Looks like I will continue to have a most colorful, eclectic, and well worn summer wardrobe for years to come.