Our Fixer Upper: Upstairs Progress

    Last week I gave a little update on the progress we have made on the main floor of the Amsden building, but work also is continuing upstairs as well.  Above you can see the corner office suite that overlooks Main Street with the giant curved corner window.  They started exposing the brick around this window to really highlight this unique feature as well as the height of the ceilings, and I love the way it looks so far!

     Here you can see a few of the other windows in this office including some of the top arched windows that were previously covered up by the lower ceilings.  We will be restoring all of these which will allow even more light into this amazing office space.

This is a view of the entrance to the corner office (far left) and the bathroom for this space (far right).  The middle nook portion will be a wet bar area, but this area could also be opened to the second middle office space, if a tenant was interested in a larger space with multiple rooms.

Above is the view looking from the middle office space into the corner office from the previous photos.  This middle area was originally divided into 4 tiny, closed off rooms but now has been opened up into one, large open concept office.

Here you can see a better view of this middle space and another fireplace in here that we uncovered.  We will be returning all the old fireplaces back to exposed brick and restoring them as much as possible.  You may also notice the lines in the ceilings which show where some of the walls were before that divided this space up.

All the commercial fluorescent lighting will be updated in these offices to something much more attractive and a little more modern.  I don't want these spaces to feel boring and bland like typical commercial offices but instead I really want to highlight the character of the building and make it unique and comfortable.

Another view of this middle space showing all the great natural light that is also available here too.  These four large windows overlook the courthouse and Court Street outside.

Above is another view of the middle office space looking towards the corner office.  All of these offices have original hardwood floors that we will be restoring throughout the top floor.

The doorway you see to the right in this middle space will lead to the bathroom for this office suite.  We also discovered this week (after busting through another wall), that this bathroom/hallway leads all the way back into the 3rd office space which is on the other side of the stairs.  Below you can see the view from the 3rd office, through the hallway, and back into the middle space.  Before this was just a plain wall in the 3rd office and we had no idea there was a hidden doorway behind it!  This allows for a lot of possibilities for customizing these spaces if a tenant was interested in having all three offices communicate, yet still be able to have private, separate spaces as well.  

Now for the next few weeks we will be working on electric, plumbing, and mechanicals (boring for me!), but I will continue to update with any changes that may come along.  For more information on leasing at The Amsden you can visit our website here; and to read more about this project and our home renovation as well, visit the "Our Fixer Upper" page here.