Neutral + Modern Living Room Makeover

     I've been dying to share this design project ever since the install a few weeks ago!  The finishing touches are what made the biggest difference in this space and I think the end product perfectly emulates this couple's style and vision for the space.  I was also lucky to start with a pretty clean slate and had some great base pieces to work off of (the couch, ottoman, and built-ins).  Take a look at some of the before photos below:

     We added some more furniture pieces like the leather recliner, baluster style sofa table, and mirrored accent table to fill the room better and make the layout feel complete.  I also restyled the built-in bookshelves and added quite a few new framed photos and prints, more books, + small accessories.  To fill the large open window on the left side, we added a long oil rubbed bronze rod filled with several gray wool curtains from West Elm.  I created some custom Kentucky map wall art to fill the large, empty wall above the couch and the barnwood frames perfectly tie the rustic, modern, and industrial elements of the room all together.  

The overall color scheme of the space is neutral but with a few pops of green and blue (like these glass bottles, greenery stems, and lots of plants).  I tried to tie in lots of distressed wood, recycled glass, and industrial metals to give the space that refined farmhouse feel but also lots of texture and warmth.  The styling of the sofa table behind the couch did stump me at first because I'm so used to just placing lamps on these to anchor each side.  Due to the location in the middle of the room, there was no way to plug in lamps without having a cord strewn across the walking space.  So I went on the hunt for something tall to add some height here and the glass bottles ended up being the perfect choice (found these at HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby)!  Since they are clear, they also don't block your sight lines into the living room or the natural light coming in from the windows.  I placed some faux stems inside them to add color and they will last forever without wilting or watering!  The super simple combination of the white pillar candles on the oval tray in the center ended up being one of our favorite elements of the entire space too.  Adding a cluster of candles like this is such an easy way to make any tray, crate, or dish into a chic arrangement.

Above you can see a closer look at some of the frames and prints I chose to fill in the built-ins.  They had lots of new pictures to frame since they just got married a few months ago, and I wanted to layer lots of different styles and sizes of frames to add dimension on these shelves.  We also added a few Kentucky/equestrian themed prints from my shop to break up all the photos and add some unique character. 

When we first met, this couple mentioned getting some type of map art to fill this wall and they really liked the idea of the divided style with multiple frames.  I was able to enlarge an old Kentucky map and then divide it between four 16 x 20 barnwood frames from Hobby Lobby (the larger sizes are only available in-store but I linked some of the smaller sizes at the end of this post).  I was thrilled to find these frames because they are all unique and completely made from reclaimed wood from barns and farm fencing across the U.S.  I love the texture and warmth the frames add to the room and they fill the open space above the couch perfectly.

The couple also chose this mirrored side table from Ballard and I love the character it adds to the room, especially with all the mixed metals in the space.  Once again, I wasn't able to use a lamp here due to it being in the center of the room, so I added some height and color with a tall pillar candle, plant, and an antique book to accessorize the table.  I also added some antiqued mirrored frames to the built-ins to pull that old-world antique style throughout the room a bit.  

Another favorite accessory would be this giant wood tray I picked up at HomeGoods.  It is the perfect size for this oversized leather ottoman and I love that it has the industrial metal handles too.  A plant and old book add a pop of color in the center of the room and make the sitting area feel complete + cozy.  

I just love the timeless, cozy, and refined feel of this space and I know that this couple will be able to enjoy it for years to come.  They chose so many pieces of the highest quality that will last forever, and the neutral color scheme will allow them to add in pops of color whenever they want to.  It is amazing how much of a difference a few accessories and finishing touches can make to a room (which is why that's probably my favorite part of the entire design process)!  I have linked most of the furniture and accessories that I used in this space at the end of this post for you to shop, but if you have questions about anything I didn't mention, just ask!  If you would like more information on any of our design services, just head to our Design page and fill out the inquiry form there.