Greyhound Tavern Gallery Walls

    Last week I had the privilege of installing some gallery walls at the historic Greyhound Tavern in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky.  The owners of the restaurant had reached out to me because they wanted to update some of their wall art and create more of a gallery wall feel in both the dining room and tavern area.  They had such an amazing collection of vintage horse racing and equestrian prints, and I even got to dig in their attic and look through piles of old photos and prints to choose from!  

     After meeting with them and seeing the restaurant in person,  I chose my favorite prints and took home a few boxes full to reframe.  Many of the prints had plain, thin black frames before, and most were very old and not in the best shape.  I loved the idea of incorporating a variety of gold and more antique-looking frames that really fit with the classic, old-school feel of the tavern and restaurant.  I chose frames in a variety of sizes and different finishes to create some contrast and interest within the gallery walls, especially since many of the photos and prints were black and white.  

     In the tavern area, I used the more colorful and vintage-looking photos and prints that fit with the retro Budweiser light mounted on the wall above this gallery.  I like the variety and more eclectic feel of the gallery wall in here especially combined with the wood paneling and classic bar decor they had throughout the space.  We had so much art to work with that this gallery practically extends from floor to ceiling, making it a real focal point of the room!

     In the dining room, I wanted to stick with a more traditional feel, so I saved all my favorite black and white prints for this area.  I used mostly gold frames (and a few gold and black) for this gallery, and arranged them in the middle of the room between two sconces on the wall.  You can also see this gallery as soon as you turn the corner from the entrance which I love.  I think the frames are the perfect mix of modern and vintage, and the arrangement gives an updated feel to this super traditional space.  

     I loved getting to the opportunity to work on a less conventional project, especially one with so much history!  All of the frames that I used for this project were purchased from Hobby Lobby.  And just a little tip: all frames are 50% off there every other week!  If you are planning a gallery wall, wait until that week to buy all your frames-  their prices and selection can't be beat!  If you are interested in getting help with a gallery wall or decorating of any kind at your home or business, you can find more information on our design services here!