Easy DIY Floral Arrangements for Spring

     There are a few things I just must have in my home, and one of those is flowers.  I know I probably spend way too much money on plants and flowers, especially since cut flowers only last a couple weeks, but they are one of the things that make a house feel like home to me.  I usually grab a couple of types of flowers at Trader Joe's or Kroger and then split them amongst my vases and jars.  The amount of arrangements I have throughout my home continues to grow each week, but I've also picked up a few tips and tricks along the way.  Take a look at some of my favorite inexpensive + easy DIY floral arrangements below:

     If you buy one thing from the floral section it should be eucalyptus!  I grab a bunch or two of this every time I'm shopping for flowers.  It lasts for weeks, dries beautifully, and is the perfect filler for just about any arrangement (and it also looks amazing on its own).  There are several different varieties, and I like them all, but this seeded type is my favorite.  You can find it at both Kroger and Trader Joe's usually and it is pretty inexpensive (usually well under $5 for a bunch).  I paired it with some cut daisies (also from Trader Joe's) in a vintage jar for a classic springy arrangement.  Add your eucalyptus to the jar first, trimming it so it doesn't droop too much, then fill in with your daisies (also trimming them so they are just long enough to poke out above the eucalyptus).

     Trader Joe's always gets a good amount of Ranunculus every spring and they are by far my favorite flower!  They come in so many pretty colors and have the most beautiful full, layered blooms.  This arrangement features a bunch of dried Caspia (found at Kroger)  with a few Ranunculus blooms mixed in, inside a concrete vase (old but from Target).  I loved the bright color and feathery texture of this dried Caspia!  I have even had it for over a month and it still looks good too!

     Whenever you don't have enough filler for your arrangement, just grab something out of your yard or off a tree or bush outside!  That is what I did with this arrangement which is full of tree branches and daisies.  Add the tree branches first and trim so that they are just the right height (they should last for several weeks too!).  Next add the daisies into the branches so that they fill in the arrangement at different heights (trim them one at a time as you add).  For a clear glass jar like this one, add just a capful of bleach to your water.  It won't kill your flowers and it will keep your water clear and fresh looking (and smelling!).  You can actually use this trick for any jar/vase of flowers and it keeps the water from getting yellow and gross.

    This arrangement is super simple but a perfect little pop of color for a shelf, console table, or countertop.  This is another arrangement you can also put together with a branch or stem off of a tree or bush in your yard.   The tropical leaves I used came from a larger flower bunch from Kroger.  Add one or two stems to a colored glass jar and you are good to go!  I've had this exact arrangement for over a month and it still looks good on my kitchen shelf! 

     One more arrangement for my favorite flower!  Some white Ranunculus in a vintage white vase- super simple + springy!  I love how clean all the white looks against the bright green stems.   Start looking for Ranunculus blooms at Trader Joe's in early March- they only have them for a few weeks, so take advantage while they do!  It is hard to find anywhere else!  

Whether you are a flower arranging pro, or have never tried fresh florals in your decor, I hope this gives you some ideas for adding some cheery spring color into your home!