Girl's Room Before + After

     Last week I finished up one of my first kid's room projects, adding some finishing touches to this adorable little girl's room!  For this project I rearranged all the furniture in the room, added a fun chalkboard wall on one side, rearranged and added new wall art, as well as adding a printed rug and new window treatments.  This client already had the cute bedroom furniture and bedding but needed some help tying everything together and filling up the walls to make the room feel complete.  Take a look at the before + after photos below: 

The biggest impact in the room came from moving the bed away from the corner and centering it on the wall.  This opened up the room and anchored the entire space.  I placed the new gray and white patterned rug at the foot of the bed, slightly tucked underneath the base.   The animal pictures on the left wall were spread out throughout the room before, but I arranged them together to fill the open wall space in this area.   

This wall on the right was completely bare and open, so we decided to have some fun with a chalkboard wall and book ledges to fill the space.  Since a normal chalkboard tone would have been too harsh with this color scheme, I opted for tintable chalkboard paint in a coral color that matched her bedding.  We painted the chalkboard wall just halfway up, and then added a simple piece of white trim to separate it from the top half of the wall.  

In the left corner, we added four gold + wood shelves to hold books and create a cute little reading corner.  These gold and wood shelves from Hobby Lobby are some of my favorite shelving options and they work perfectly as book ledges!  I also added these adorable floral prints above the chalkboard wall to tie all the bright colors of the space together.

Another fun touch were these hanging gold baskets to hold chalk for the chalkboard wall!  These baskets and mounting strip all are sold separately at Target and can be mixed and matched to create custom storage for just about anything!  The baskets are removable and can slide along the white strip so that you can adjust it whenever you like!

It's amazing how a few simple changes completely changed this room and made it feel complete!  I've linked up all the accessories and decor that I added to this space for you to shop at the end of this post!