Fixer Upper Friday: The Prickly Pear House

all photos by Magnolia

     In last week's Fixer Upper, Chip + Joanna transformed "The Prickly Pear House" from basic 80's to a gorgeous dream home with French Country curb appeal.  Two things about this episode that I am obsessed with: 1. the return of "German Schmear," a technique that they use to kind of whitewash and distress exterior brick (and it is seriously my favorite thing ever); 2. Chip jumping into that prickly pear cactus makes me laugh out loud everytime I see it!  If you haven't seen the episode you can check out all the details here.

     My favorite element of this renovation was how Joanna made the most of this large, empty wall by creating the cutest reading nook in the living room.  She was originally disappointed about not being able to completely remove this wall due to a lot of HVAC and utility stuff being housed inside of this section.  Then she came up with the brilliant idea of just cutting into part of the wall to create this little extra sitting area complete with bookshelves, daybed, and extra storage!  I just love this idea and you could easily duplicate this look whether it's in a window seat, closet, wasted corner, or by cutting into a wall like they did here.  They custom-made the storage bench, but you can get the same look with any of the daybeds I've listed below , or if you're feeling adventurous, check out this tutorial for building a similar daybed with storage from scratch.  Check out my copycat lighting, cushions, furniture, + some accessory options for this space below:

     The details of this space are what makes it so cozy and full of character!  As always, Joanna uses lots of old books to add color + fill the open shelving.  The shiplap on the back wall separates the space and makes it stand out from the rest of the room (find an easy + inexpensive shiplap tutorial here).   I also love the assortment of pillows she chose- lots of texture + prints, but all still classic and pretty neutral.  I've listed lots of similar pillows + accessories below:

all photos by Magnolia

What was your favorite part of last week's episode and The Prickly Pear House?  Be sure to  check out the rest of my Fixer Upper Friday design guides here.