My Favorite Rugs Under $200

     With all the design plans I have been putting together lately for clients, I feel like I have become an expert on the inventory of just about every home decor store!  One of the things I was pleased to uncover was the amount of reasonably priced rugs that are available online.  Some of my go-tos for affordable rugs: Target, Rugs USA, and Urban Outfitters.  Everyone is after the perfect patterned rug for their space to add just the right amount of pattern, texture, and color.  The super colorful kilim and oriental styles are becoming so popular, but antique versions can cost thousands of dollars!  I was determined to find some rug options that look just as good AND they are all under $200 too!  And don't worry, this isn't for a 3 x 5, or doormat sized rug- all the options I have listed are under $200 for a 5 x 7 size OR larger!  These are just a few of my absolute favorites ranging from the most colorful and dramatic prints to more neutral and classic styles like jute + cowhides.  Check out all my favorites below, + you can click on each one for more info on pricing, material, etc.!