Our Fixer Upper: New Windows at The Amsden!

    This week we made some exciting progress at The Amsden and began exterior renovations on the building.  The windows on the building are one of the biggest eyesores personally for me and something that we felt was extremely important to restore.  Over the years lots of vinyl trim, plexi glass, and cheap patches and fixes had been added on the exterior and throughout the windows.   All the paint that remains on the trim and windows is chipping and cracking away as well.  The large upstairs corner window, which is really the focal point of the entire building, was at some point replaced with a cheap plexi-glass replica that was rotting and leaking horribly.  There were also two curved windows on each side of the building above the upstairs double windows that had been completely covered up with vinyl on the outside and a wall/ lowered ceiling on the inside.  

     Below you can see what the windows looked like before from both outside and inside the building.


     The new windows have been custom made to replicate the original windows on the building.  Right now they are just primed but all the windows and trim will be painted a dark charcoal gray color starting next week.  I can't believe what a difference they have made already and this corner office is just flooded with even more natural light than before!  It is so rewarding to begin to see this historic building come back to life and restored piece by piece.  Check out some of the after photos below and be sure to keep checking back for more progress updates in the coming weeks!