Our Favorite Fall Soup Recipes

    With fall temperatures arriving, cozy + comforting dinner recipes are a must!  Soup is my favorite dinner to make come October and is also a super easy dinner to whip up quickly.  I've gathered up some of my all-time favorite fall soup recipes from the past few years.  All of these are staples that I continue to make regularly each autumn season.  Looking for even more fall recipes?  Check out this round-up of favorite autumn squash recipes as well!  Happy cooking!



      Potato soup is one of my favorite foods ever and this is my go-to recipe for the creamiest, most flavorful potato soup.  I use shredded hashbrowns for an easy shortcut (and extra texture) as well as cream cheese to thicken up the soup to the perfect consistency!  Find the full recipe here.

      This butternut squash soup is something I have been craving lately as the seasons change.  Roasting the vegetables with the bacon gives the squash an amazing smoky and deep flavor that sets this soup apart.  Don't forget the toppings too as they add a bit of crunch and make this soup even better!  Find the full recipe here.

     This recipe contains only two ingredients and is just too easy and delicious not to put into your dinner roatation!  The roasted red pepper and tomato soup used in this recipe is one of my favorite items from Trader Joe's that I always try to keep in the pantry.  Find the full recipe here.

      This recipe is a bit of a twist on traditional Italian wedding soup that's just as comforting but super easy.  I love the addition of hashbrown potatoes to thicken up the broth and add the right amount of texture.  The mix of seasonings and cooked Italian sausage add so many levels of flavor.  Find the full recipe here.

A crockpot staple for me, this recipe is too easy not to try and also super low calorie!  Open a few cans, dump them in the crockpot, and you are good to go!  The best part is all of the toppings that you can pile on this chili when serving!  Find the full recipe here.