Fall Favorites Preview

September is here and we're getting the shop ready for all things autumn!  We have so many fun projects coming up including shooting our autumn lookbook, decorating the new house for fall, and putting together our fall store displays.  I'm busy gathering up all our new merchandise and I wanted to share a preview of some of my favorite new items for fall:

1. Fringed Plaid Wrap:                                             

{The perfect cozy piece to throw on for fall- and it comes in three colors- the evergreen is my personal favorite!}          

   2. Velvet Choker Necklace 

{Both velvet + chokers are must-haves for fall and these come in the most gorgeous autumn colors- you will wear them with everything! }       

Velvet Choker Necklace

Minimal + chic velvet choker necklace 

one size fits all- adjustable with clasp

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3. "Let's Stay at Home" Canvas Banners 

{The perfect mantra for cozy fall days + nights}

4. Turquoise Wrap bangle

{I love a pop of turquoise jewelry against all the dark + moody fall colors}

Turquoise Wrap Bangle

Turquoise-look stone gold-tone bangle with unique wrap-around style

one size fits all

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5.  Rewined Blanc Collection- Syrah candle

{The Syrah scent is my favorite scent from the new blanc collection- it smells perfectly woodsy with notes of an autumn campfire}

Rewined Candles
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6. Chunky Knit Vintage Sweater

{There's nothing cozier than a vintage chunky knit sweater and I love when it's still warm enough to wear these with shorts + boots!}

7. Mojave striped festival blanket

{The colors in this blanket just scream autumn and the weight is so perfect for picnics, football games, or fall festivals}

8. Moscow mule mug

{I love to incorporate copper into my place settings for fall + the kentucky mule is the quintessential autumn cocktail!}

Moscow Mule Mug

18 ounce hammered copper moscow mule mug

  • Hammered solid copper body, lined with nickel
  • Designed to keep drinks colder
  • Brass handle for easy and comfortable grip
  • Perfect for cocktails, beer, and even iced tea
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9. Vintage worn-in flannel

{The coziest of layers to throw on with jeans or leggings -we have a variety of flannels in all different prints + colors but all of them have that perfectly worn-in feel}