Our Fixer Upper: Entryway

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I'm extra excited for our entryway area because I don't really have a space like this in our house now, so I've been saving up my ideas for entryways for a while now.  One of the parts of the house that I fell in love with was the original wood floors on the stairs and unique trim and molding in this entryway area.  Take a look at what the entryway looked like before below:  

The first thing you notice, lotsa wallpaper.  That is all going to go and the walls will be painted a bright white which will completely open up this space!  You can also see the low doorway that leads into the butler's pantry straight ahead.  We have closed this off and made it just a regular wall now because it was super awkward looking and low, and not really necessary for the flow of the house.  Now that it is gone you would never know it was ever there.

Here's the view from the top of the stairs.  I just love the big landing up here with giant window that overlooks Main Street.  I can already tell that these will be some of of my favorite nooks and crannies to decorate!  Here are my plans for the entryway/staircase area: 

via Planete Deco

This is the photo that completely inspired me and kicked off my vision for this entryway area.  I have decided to go bold and paint all the trim in our entryway/stairway dark charcoal gray (almost black).  I love the way it looks and how it modernizes the traditional, "old house" style.   The color I have chosen for the trim is Sherwin Williams "Iron Ore," and the walls will be Sherwin Williams "Pure White."  I just can't wait to see how the paint transforms this area!

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Another entryway area with gorgeous dark trim- I also love the schoolhouse-esque light fixture and minimal decor of the space.

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This entryway feels super warm and inviting, like something out of Southern Living.  I love the oriental runners and am hoping to use something like this in our entryway too.  These distressed original wood floors are also very similar to ours and I like the way they set up the furniture at the bottom of the stairs.  I'm still deciding what furniture pieces to place here (bench, console table, hall tree?).

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More black and white paint and I especially love the touch of vintage with the old suitcases near the bottom of the stairs. 

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This entryway has always been one of my favorites.  I love the gallery wall and mixture of antique and rustic pieces.  I would love to have a round table like this at the bottom of the stairs possibly (if space permits) and I definitely want to do some type of gallery wall either going up the stairs or at the bottom landing.

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I adore the minimal, rustic feel of this entry.  You can see a hint of the gallery wall going up the stairs but everything else is kept very simple and clean.  I also like how they mixed in the mid-century chair with super traditional pieces.

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This is another photo I have been saving for a possible future entryway/staircase.  I have SO many vintage horse pictures and artwork, so I have decided to create a super eclectic gallery wall going up the stairs featuring my equestrian collection- all different sizes, shapes, and colors of frames and styles of art will be included.  

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Another element that I am considering is grasscloth wallpaper.  I think it would add the perfect amount of texture and warmth without looking busy.  I would just use it either above or below the center molding going up the stairs (similar to what they did above).  Or maybe just a small area at the bottom of the stairs?  What do you think?

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So many things to love about this space: the dark, moody paint color, oriental rugs, and equestrian gallery wall are just a few elements that inspire me.  I just adore that old stately antique door and would love to find something like that in the future for our front door.

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Another entryway that I love with similar color scheme and a round table inside (this smaller version might work perfectly in our space).  I seem to like any space with a giant vase of eucalyptus in it though!  

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I really like the modern, faceted look of this light fixture and am planning on getting something similar for our entry.  I think it is the perfect modern update for this space but still classic enough to fit in with the rest of my design.

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Another perfect modern and minimal light fixture and don't even get me started on that dutch door!  I am DYING for a dutch door (they are SO expensive!).  I think it would be perfect in the front entry overlooking Main Street.  This will be a project that I will have to save up for for later.  I also love the rustic look of this metal sideboard and the way they styled it for the entryway space.

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This photo makes me want to use a big bench in this space at the bottom of the stairs.  I would probably fill it with pillows instead of artwork though, even though I love the way theirs looks.  This is another gorgeous black and white entry space with unique modern light fixture to make the space feel super eclectic. 

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Another furniture set-up that I really like (with hall tree) probably mostly because of that cool iron horse head!  I love the simple, rustic styling of this space and the bold black doors.  Here are some of the fixtures I have picked out so far: 

I have a similar vintage oriental runner (in red/navy tones) that I'm hoping to use in the space.  Now I just have to decide what furniture to use and how to set it up!  I have a feeling it is going to be a little bit of trial and error and I may be constantly switching this space up for a while until I figure out what works best and is the most practical (I tend to do that with all my rooms anyways)!  They should have the trim in this room painted within the next few days so be sure to check back for some progress photos! 



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