Our Fixer Upper: Photo Tour

all photos by M. Andrew Henson

Our fixer upper is a bit of a maze with lots of rooms, doorways, and multiple staircases.  This type of layout is very typical of older homes and something that just adds to the character that I love.  I realize it is probably difficult to picture many of the spaces and the layout when I explain our plans for each room individually.  Thankfully my good friend Andrew helped us take some great photos that really showcase just about every inch of each room (we are also working on some video tours for you all too!).  These were all taken before any work or demo was done.  It's amazing to see how different everything already looks after just a few weeks!  We are finally done with all the plumbing updates and foundation work and this week we have lots of drywall and flooring happening.  Take a look at our "before" home tour and I'll be sharing more progress photos in the coming weeks!



Entryway/ Front staircase

Front staircase/ Landing


Living Room

{see more on our living room plans here}


{see more on our kitchen plans here}

Butler's Pantry

{see more of our pantry plans here}

Mudroom/ Laundry

Side Porch

Back Staircase

Dressing Room

Guest Bathroom

{see more of our guest bathroom plans here}

Guest Bedroom

Studio/ Office

Master Bedroom

Master Bath

{see more of our master bathroom plans here}