Our Fixer Upper: Downstairs Guest Bathroom

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Today I'm talking about the tiniest room of the house: the downstairs guest bath.  When I say tiny, I am not exaggerating- especially with the way it was laid out before we started working!   This is just a half bathroom on the main level that will be used mostly by guests, so it doesn't need to be anything fancy! Here's what it looked like before demo:

I don't know where to start: there's 80's wallpaper floor to ceiling, that old clunky vanity, and original wood floors that have been horribly water damaged due to the leaking plumbing in here (which is all now brand new and fixed!).  Not one thing in this bathroom is staying the same!  We are replacing these floors with the same slate tile as the kitchen and it will flow into this room and the mudroom which is beside it.  

Here's another angle of the vanity which has already been torn out so that they could replace all of the plumbing behind it.  The fact that it sticks so far out over that beautiful back window and is solid all the way down, just made this bathroom feel even smaller than it already is.  I'm replacing the entire thing with a simple vintage-look wall mount sink that will just completely open up this space.  I'm also nixing the sconces beside the mirror and just opting for a simple, clean mirror with no lights. 

Here's the other problem creating space issues in here.  There was this strange wooden ledge sticking up from the floor on one side of the wall to hide some plumbing that was done lazily above the floor.  Thankfully my wonderful plumbers were able to get that plumbing back under the floor where it belongs and this ledge can be completely removed! This also means that the new toilet can move over where it is supposed to be and not stick out at all over the doorway.  

This light fixture will also be replaced with a fun vintage bulb light we found last week in Louisville!  It looks like the light below but says "restroom"- I think it will look perfect with the metal sink and overall industrial feel in here.   

Here are some of my favorite inspirations for the overall design of this bathroom:

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I love the simplicity of this space.  The slate floors are very similar to what we will have as well as the wall mount sink.  You will see through my inspiration photos that I am torn between something simple like this and something totally bold and over-the-top, two complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

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This bathroom has such a cool, vintage vibe with the patterned floor and collected art.  It is very small just like our bathroom but I think the gallery walls still totally work.

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I love the unique wall color and dainty little gallery wall.  I also like the long curtains and think having some curtains like this would really highlight the high ceilings and big window in our bathroom.

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This feels like a classic southern bathroom to me!  I am seriously considering wallpaper for this space because I think it would make such a statement!  This wallpaper is a great mix of graphic and traditional and I love how it looks with all the frames layered on top!

via Anthropologie

Another clean and simple bathroom with wall-mount sink.  I do like the dark trim in here for a bold contrast with all the white.

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This bathroom is so glamorous and chic!  That marble sink is amazing and I love how they mixed in some traditional touches like the antique shelf. 

via House and Garden

This is the perfect example of my bucket sink with brass wall mount faucet.  I really love the blush pink walls with dark charcoal trim at the bottom (especially with the brass!)  This might be a color combo to consider.

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So many things I love about this bathroom: the rug, little antique table, sconces, mirror, and amazing wallpaper!  It is the perfect combination of vintage and modern.

via Design Sponge

This wall color is perfection and I love how it looks with the brass faucet and mirror.

via Airows

I adore this bright, painterly wallpaper and that fun vintage rug!  This bathroom is much more modern than I could probably do in this space but I love the brass touches and colors.

via Habitually Chic

Another beautiful wall color that looks just perfect with the brass!  I am also obsessed with those antique shelves and hooks!

via Pinterest

I love this dark wall color with the eclectic and rustic vintage touches.  If I don't do wallpaper, I'm pretty sure I'll go for something dark and bold on the walls like this.  Here are the items I have gotten so far for this space:

What is your vote for wallpaper vs. just painting?  Do you like any of these wallpaper options?

I really love the dark butterfly wallpaper and the black and white rose print, but I am just not sure if they would be too overwhelming with the sink and light fixture I have already gotten?  Let me know what you think!