Holiday Porch Decorating Project

     Yesterday I completed another holiday decorating project for a wonderful client who had the most unique and cool style.  I love when clients have a very specific design style that I can work with, and this client's home was an eclectic mix of beautiful antiques, kitschy vintage, and gothic elements.  She had some great vintage pieces for me to work with on the porch including an old metal sleigh, ornaments, and giant glittered snowflakes.  You also may notice our two friends, giant antique gargoyles, who sit on the edge of the porch watching over anyone who may enter. I used many of her ornaments to create a custom wreath with lots of fresh greenery to make it super dramatic (I thought any porch with gargoyles calls for the most dramatic of decor!).  I also knew I wanted to use the giant glitter snowflakes to create an over-the-top draped entry above the doorway.  I began by draping two layers of fresh cedar greenery from Home Depot and then placed the snowflakes throughout at different heights.  I finished by weaving in an extra wide, shiny gold ribbon for even more drama.  I also piled some fresh greenery into the sleigh with a collection of gold ornaments and a small pre-lit tree set in the back for some height.  On the other side of the porch I balanced it by placing the other pre-lit tree with an old concrete pedestal planter (also one of the client's items) filled with greenery and some gold ornaments.  Last but certainly not least, the gargoyles just HAD to have a little festive touch.  So I used wire and some greenery to create little wreaths around their necks and secured it with a bow!  I think the finished design is a perfect mix of this client's favorite styles and also super glamorous and beautiful!  If you need help with your holiday decorating, or any kind of decorating projects, just fill out the form below to set up a consultation (or click here for more info)!



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