Holiday Decorating Services + Packages

   Many of you have inquired about decorating services and I'm happy to announce some design packages available for the upcoming holiday season!  I am currently working on getting a full "design" portion of our website up and running, but until then I wanted to share a preview of what we will offer.  We have limited spots available and are ready to help you start decking out your space as early as next week!  The holiday season is such a crazy and hectic time and many people don't have the time or energy to decorate like they want to!  Let me take over and completely transform your space in just a few hours!  

     My goal is to offer reasonably priced design that everyone can afford.  I also love working with your existing decor, especially by incorporating keepsakes or family heirlooms into your holiday decorations.  Even if we are using the same old decorations you have had for years,  I can find new and different ways to style it and rework it in your home. My design philosophy is to create spaces that are both comfortable and cozy, but also completely unique and customized.  My thrifting skills allow me to get you a completely one-of-a-kind look for a fraction of the price that you would spend elsewhere (who doesn't love that?!).  As a design client, you will also get access to our full store inventory at wholesale/discount prices.  I always keep your family's needs in mind when designing, making every room completely practical and comfortable but also looking like a magazine-worthy space.  

     Below is just a selection of some services we will offer for Christmas, but don't hesitate to contact us about any other projects!  Just fill out the form at the end of this post to contact us regarding design services!



Tree decorating for large trees starts at just $50.  This includes assembling/setting up your tree, adding lights, garlands, ornaments, and styling the tree from top to bottom.  If you feel like your tree decor needs some updating, we can customize extra decorations/decor to fit your needs and your budget.  Some of the easiest ways to make your tree stand out are by adding extra trims and garlands, updating your tree skirt, or adding extra lights.  We can help you achieve the exact look you have in mind without spending a ton of money!  

Your mantle should be a statement piece for the holiday season and we can help put together a gorgeous arrangement that will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your decor.  Mantle styling packages start at just $30 (this does not include any additional decor, but just styling with items you already have).  We would love to use and incorporate any decor you may already have or we can start from scratch and help you find items within your budget! Garlands, wreaths, stockings and trinkets are all perfect for decking out this space- we can create more simple, minimal looks or go all out with layers of decor and colors.

Bookshelves, built-ins, and shelving throughout your home are the perfect places to add touches of holiday cheer!  Shelf styling packages start at $30 (pricing depends on the size of your shelves and how many items are on them!).  I know that many shelves get stacked up and cluttered over time but with my help they will be perfectly pulled together and professionally styled. We can re-work your existing shelf items, add touches of holiday decor, and help you edit and organize what you are displaying to make it look clean + refreshed.

Who says your holiday decor has to be limited to the living room?  You probably spend just as much time in your bedroom, so let's make it super cozy and full of holiday cheer!  We can add just a few touches to transform your bedroom for the holidays: packages start at just $50 and that includes your choice of: 1. a garland or wreath, and 2. a faux sheepskin or knit throw.  If you would like to budget a little more for this project, we can also add other fun touches like holiday or plaid pillows, extra greenery, and Christmas signs.

We can help you make a perfect custom and completely one-of-a-kind wreath for any area of your home.  Some ideas include simple greenery wreaths with vintage ornaments or banners (these start at $30), or more ornate wreaths with large ribbons and lots of foliage (these start at $50).  As always we can customize all colors, sizes, and styles to your existing decor so that these fit in perfectly into your home.  We can also create "heirloom" wreaths using any collections of Christmas ornaments, trinkets, or keepsakes you may have (you can see an example below with Martha Stewart's wreath full of vintage Christmas village houses).  This is the perfect way to display these items that you normally might have packed away in a modern and unique way.

Make an impression with a striking holiday entryway or porch: these packages start at $75 (we can work within your budget though if you want a simpler look, or already own most of the items we will be using).  This can include everything from a front door wreath, garland around the entryway area, small trees or topiaries beside the door, and custom made signage or chalkboards.  We are also able to source perfectly distressed and unique found objects to use for your outdoor decor like wooden crates, metal baskets, and vintage sleighs or ice skates.  Whatever your design style or vision, we can help bring it to life for half of the price that you would spend doing it yourself! 

Finally, if you want to seriously impress all your guests at your next holiday gathering, let us come style your space for the event!  These packages start at just $50- we can use items, dishes, and decor that you already have, but you also get access to renting from our own collection of decor, tableware, and place settings.  We can do everything from simply setting your table, to styling your serving stations, putting together a dreamy dessert table, and/or setting up a beverage station or bar area.  We also provide beautiful customized cheese boards that are a perfect appetizer or easy meal for any holiday party.  A selection of spreads, cheeses, and bread starts at $50 for around 10 people but we can customize your board for any size crowd or dietary needs (or make it a meal by adding a selection of cured meats too!).  This also includes arranging and styling the board at your home with floral centerpieces, chalkboard signs, and serving pieces.  Check out a sample of one of our boards in the photo below:

Include which packages you are interested in or any other design projects you might be considering!  We will get back to you with a quote and then set up a date for your decorating!

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