Style It: Sheepskins for Fall

If you're looking for an instant way to add a cozy touch to your home for fall look no further than one of my styling secrets: sheepskins!  Just a touch of this fluffy, white fur gives your space a layered and eclectic style.  Fall decor is all about texture, and I love mixing more natural elements like pine cones, sticks, and gourds, with soft and luxe faux fur pieces.  These look amazing draped over chairs or couches, laid across benches or entryway seats, layered in baskets, or even placed on your mantle.  There are so many wonderful ideas you may want to grab more than one!  We have both rectangular and classic (with uneven edges) available in 2 x 3 size for just $22 each.  Take a look at some of my favorite fall sheepskin inspirations below, and then to head to our online shop and grab your own.  Have you used sheepskins before in your home decor?  What are your favorite ways to use them?



Hank loves them too!

White 2 x 3 Sheepskin

One of my decorating must-haves: Sheepskins!  Perfect for draping on chairs, covering benches, or using as accent rugs!

approx. 2 x 3 

choose from rectangular or uneven edge

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