Fave Finds: Life at Home With Lucille Ball

I LIVE for articles like this recent one from House Beautiful featuring rare photos of Lucille Ball and family around their home from the 1950s-60s.  In today's world, every single facet of every celebrity's life is on display. whether we want to see it or not.  50-60 years ago when social media was non-existent, it was very rare to get any peeks into the personal lives of Hollywood stars.  Lucy has always been one of my favorites and I still wake up to her every morning (thanks to Hallmark channel, and the fact that I have autotuned every TV in my house to their daily 3-hour block of I Love Lucy reruns.)  I have several books filled with photos of her, but had never seen any of these rare photos until I stumbled upon this article the other day.  The best photo BY FAR is this beautiful backyard portrait of Lucy in the most glamorous of garb with a gaggle of poodles.  Her patio furniture is the most perfect pale pink and turquoise (and let's not forget to mention that fringed umbrella!) and her backyard is perfectly manicured right down to the adorable plant shelf on the back wall.  I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I did and you can check out the full article here.