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Start with this great mid-century chrome and woven rattan chair (available in store only- $28).  It is both modern and neutral enough to work with a variety of different decor styles: from traditional to more eclectic.  It would make a great desk or vanity chair, or is perfect for filling an empty space in an entryway or office.  

White 2 x 3 Sheepskin

One of my decorating must-haves: Sheepskins!  Perfect for draping on chairs, covering benches, or using as accent rugs!

approx. 2 x 3 

choose from rectangular or uneven edge

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Gold Metal Spike
from 10.00

A chic and unexpected touch to any space- these gold metal spikes can either sit flat or hang on the wall (there is an attached hook on the back).  A perfect addition to a gallery wall or they also look great sitting atop a stack of books.  

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