Orange + Clove Christmas Centerpiece

I'm all about Christmas scents for the holidays: I have candles in just about every room and fresh cut greenery throughout the house.   My favorite fragrances  are those with a touch of citrus and these old-fashioned orange + clove pomanders will fill up any room with a warm, fresh Christmas scent!   They are super easy and quick to make and make a very beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece when grouped together.

All you need is:


1 Jar of Cloves

Assorted Greenery

Any plate, tray, or platter of your choosing

Just stick your cloves into your orange creating any pattern you like!  Click here for some photos of intricate patterns and  ideas for your oranges.  My cloves were very easy to stick into the oranges but I have read that you can also use a skewer to prepare poked holes if you are having trouble.  You can make as few or as many as you please- even one will fill the room with a wonderful scent!

To create a centerpiece, lay some assorted greenery on a tray or plate in a circular wreath pattern and then place you oranges in the center stacking them as needed.  It doesn't get much easier than that!  

The combination of the fresh, bright citrus and spicy cloves creates the most welcoming old-fashioned Christmas scent.  The color of the oranges pops so beautifully against the greenery and I just love the natural and simplistic look of this centerpiece.  What a fun activity that the whole family can enjoy together year after year!  You could even create individual pomanders and package them for sweet homemade gifts!